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CustomDesign Work

This page has information for those customers who would like us to ONLY design something for them and NOT print. If you are interested in us printing something for you as well, then you need to go to our Products Page. Design work and file setup is included in the prices found on the different individual product pages.

Each person has a different level of involvement that they would like to have in their custom designed item(s). Some people want to be involved down to the very last detail, while others have only a very basic idea of how they want their item to look. We can work with either extreme or anywhere in between!

To start off on the road to your new custom designed item, look through the list of products below to figure out what you would like us to create. Do you want us to create a business card, a door hanger, letterhead, a vehicle magnet, a logo for your website or something else? Down below, you will find many different items to choose from. There are many different sizes and options to choose from. If there is a type of product that you don't see on our website, that you would like us to design for you, simply Contact Us and we most likely will still be able to help you.

If you do see an item that you want us to create for you, from below, simply Email Us to let us know. In your email, let us know what you have in mind for the design of your item. You can include any graphics, photos, or other images that you think will be useful in creating it. Obviously, we will need to know what text information that you would like on each item. Before we begin to work on your design, we will send you a PayPal Invoice so you can make a down payment on your custom design. Typically, the down payment is 50% of the total cost.

We will work with whatever ideas you have, as well as incorporating our own ideas in order to create the best custom design possible. We will keep you informed regularly through email, and will make changes to the custom design as many times as needed in order to get everything just right! Once a final proof of your design is approved by you, we will send you a PayPal Invoice so you can pay for the rest of your design. After you have finished paying for your design, we will send you your design in a Print Ready Format, so you can print it at any place you like. You own any and all designs that you have paid for and can do whatever you like with them.

The custom design process can take anywhere from one day to several weeks, depending on the type of item being designed, how complicated it is to create, how many revisions are made, as well as how many other custom design orders we are working on at that time. However, the more you give us to work with at the beginning of the design process, the quicker we will get your custom item designed.

CustomDesign Prices

Business Card Design

-3.5" x 2"
-3.5" x 2" w/Rounded Corners
-3.5" x 2.5" Trading Card Size
-3.5" x 4" Foldover Size
* One Side - $60
* Two Sides - $75
* Foldover - $100

Postcard Design

-4.25" x 2.75"
-3" x 5"
-4" x 4"
-4" x 6"
-5" x 7"
* One Side - $75
* Two Sides - $100

Bookmark Design

-1.5" x 7"
-2" x 8"
* One Side - $75
* Two Sides - $100

Door Hanger Design

-4.25" x 11"
-4.24" x 14"
* One Side - $100
* Two Sides - $125

Letterhead Design

-8.5" x 11"
-8.5" x 14"
* One Side - $75

Envelope Design

-5.25" x 7.25"
-9.5" x 4.125"
* One Side - $75

Flyer Design (Flat)

-4.25" x 5.5"
-8.5" x 5.5"
-8.5" x 11"
-8.5" x 14"
* One Side - $125
* Two Sides - $150

Brochure Design (Half-Fold, Tri-Fold or Quad-Fold)

-4.25" x 11"
-8.5" x 11"
-8.5" x 14"
* Inside & Outside - $150

Greeting Card Design

-10" x 7" Unfolded to 5" x 7" Folded
* Outside Only - $125
* Outside & Inside - $150

Indoor Magnet Design

-3.5" x 2" to 5" x 7"
* One Side - $60-$75

Logo Design

-Varies, please Contact Us for prices

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